Northeastern’s College of Engineering announces the formation of a Bioengineering Department. The depart­ment will present exciting new research and learning oppor­tu­ni­ties across other col­leges and dis­ci­plines for stu­dents and fac­ulty and will leverage the health­care and biotech­nology indus­tries’ rapid growth. --Read More--

  • What is Bioengineering?

    Bioengineering is engineering in a biological context such as the human body, an ecosystem, or a bioreactor. In every case, the interface between engineered and biological systems place unique constraints on the design and implementation of devices, instruments or implants. These constraints depend on the properties of the biological system involved and the functionality that is being created.

    The interface of engineering and medicine as embodied in Bioengineering will be one of the most exciting endeavors and greatest adventures of the 21st century. Job opportunities are expected to expand dramatically with a focus on development of entirely new classes of products, instrumentation, and implants. The impact to human health will be extraordinary.

  • What is the curriculum like?

    Bioengineering is intrinsically multidisciplinary and it is essential that students learn the languages used by multidisciplinary teams. To that end, our undergraduate curriculum is structured around a core of 6 courses that analyze biological systems from every possible quantitative point of view. On completion of the core, students choose one of 4 concentrations, which provides the opportunity to develop a deep level of expertise in an area of great value to Bioengineering.

    Students joining the Bioengineering department will have unique opportunities in the classroom, research labs, and experiential learning. The projects that they may be able to contribute to include bio-bandages that monitor bacterial growth or that help damaged ligaments heal faster; sheets of cells folded like origami to form a working kidney; and new materials that – like a leaf in the sun – automatically sense and adapt to changes in the environment. This is truly an exciting time!

  • Success Stories
    Dream Co-op to Full Time Job

    Vineel Kondiboyina, MS BioE, has turned his dream co-op to a full-time job. He was an engineering intern at Third Pole Therapeutics, working on experimental devices and learning to understand the regulatory aspects of different products. Now, he is a mechanical product development engineer for Third Pole. He attributes his current professional success greatly to the education he received at Northeastern and the professors that helped guide the way.

  • Faculty Spotlight
    Dr. Jiahe Li
    Assistant Professor

    Jiahe Li joins the Bioengineering department in January 2019 as an Assistant Professor. He earned his PhD at Cornell University in biomedical engineering. His research interests include synthetic biology, drug delivery, polymeric materials and vaccine.