About Bioengineering

Created in response to rapidly increasing student interest, expanding bioengineering research opportunities and exponential industry growth, the department provides:

  • BS, MS, and PhD degree programs in Bioengineering
  • Real-world experiential learning for students via hands-on research and cooperative education opportunities
  • World-class research programs to address compelling health and sustainability challenges

Intrinsically interdisciplinary, the department engages faculty from across the college and university, developing programs in:

  • Biocomputing & Information Processing(bioimaging, bioinformatics, simulation)
  • Systems & Synthetic Biology (biomotor control, cell and tissue engineering, environmental biology, mechanobiology, metabolic engineering)
  • Biodevices (biomaterials, bioMEMs, legal and regulatory issues, nanomaterials)

Northeastern’s ideal location in close proximity to Boston-area medical campuses and the extensive Boston biotech industry is a strong driver in both research collaborations and the student experience.

This is a very exciting time in the College of Engineering, as significant investments are being made to recruit world-class facultyenhance our state-of-the-art research facilities, and build a community of accomplished students.