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  • Associate Professor, Bioengineering
    Elucidates design principles for engineering living cells and tissues.
  • Assistant Professor, Bioengineering
    Targeted drug delivery to avascular connective tissues; polypeptide and protein based nanocarriers; bio-electrostatics; transport phenomena in biological systems; biomechanics; post-traumatic osteoarthritis
  • Assistant Professor, Bioengineering
    Diseases of the cardiovascular system; effects of cellmediated growth and remodeling processes on tissue and organ mechanics
  • Assistant Professor, Bioengineering
    central nervous system regeneration model in C. elegans, femtosecond laser surgery; user-friendly and low-cost fluorescence microscopy
  • Professor, jointly appointed in Bioengineering & Chemistry and Chemical Biology

    Optical nanosensors for biological analysis
  • Associate Professor, Bioengineering
    3-D bioprinting technology, stem cells technology and vascular bioengineering
  • Assistant Professor, Bioengineering
    Innovations in translational medical imaging devices to better diagnose cancers, low-cost point-of-care diagnostic tools to delivery life-saving medicines to the resource-poor regions, and high performance computing tools to facilitate the development of the next-generation imaging methods
  • Professor and Chair, jointly appointed in Bioengineering and Chemistry & Chemical Biology

    Image and signal processing as applied to biophysical data designed to answer fundamental questions about the molecular basis of living systems
  • Associate Professor and Associate Chair For Research, Bioengineering
    Biomedical optics and non-invasive imaging, rare cell detection and tracking in the body, ultrafast time-domain diffuse optical imaging, image reconstruction and biomedical signal processing.
  • Assistant Professor, Bioengineering
    Computational fluid dynamics, biological flows, multi-phase flows, multi-scale modeling, pulmonary physiology, aerosols, parameter estimation, magnetic resonance imaging, flow visualization, particle image velocimetry, numerical methods
  • Assistant Professor, Bioengineering
    In-situ interactions of organized cellular structures in tissue with their extracellular matrix (ECM); airway smooth muscle-ECM interactions under static and dynamic stretch conditions
  • Professor, Bioengineering
    Tissue engineering of load-bearing matrix (bone,cornea), bioreactor design, multi-scale mechanobiochemistry, statistical mechanics, energetics microscopy, high-resolution imaging
  • Associate Professor, jointly appointed in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering and Bioengineering

    Multi-scale bone biomechanics – how the structure and composition of bone influences its mechanical properties; mechano-adaptation of bone and joint – how tissue responds to mechanical signals
  • Assistant Professor, Bioengineering
    Rationally engineered directed differentiation; single cell proteomics and genomics; ribosome-mediated translational regulation; statistical inference, single cell mass-spectrometry, cell metabolism; quantitative systems biology; computational biology
  • University Distinguished Professor, jointly appointed in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Bioengineering

    Feedback control theory, systems biology, cancer, and biomedicine