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Co-op & Experiential Learning

Our Role as Faculty Coordinators:

  • Students: We meet with students to prepare them for co-op and advise them on career related matters. As faculty members, we teach co-op and career-related courses and work with students one-on-one. Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to participate in co-op. Information about graduate co-op is available here.
  • Employers: We also work closely with companies to develop quality co-op positions for our students that also provide a contribution to the employer. In order to make hiring easier, we want to understand the type of candidate hiring managers are looking for and screen candidates.

Student Experience Spotlights

  • View videos of students describing their co-op experiences.

Becoming a Co-op Employer and Hiring

  • Creating a Position: To get started in the hiring process, employers are required to complete and submit a job description at the following weblink:
  • Deadlines: Job descriptions are due at the end of January and the end of September for the Spring and Fall terms, respectively. Employers who have missed the deadlines are still encouraged to reach a coordinator, as the placement cycle takes several months and we may still have candidates available.

Co-op Facts

  • Schedule: Undergraduate students work for 6 months, from January - June and July - December. Graduate students work for 4, 6, or 8 months at a time depending on the position and the student’s availability.
  • Hours: Co-op positions are full time (40 hr/wk) during which time the student has no obligations to the school, but is focused full time on their employment - making a substantial contribution to their employer while simultaneously learning and applying course work taken to date.
  • Pay: Co-ops are paid positions, with the wage determined by the employer. Co-op Coordinators collect wage information at least once a year and will share average pay ranges with employers in order to stay competitive.

Student Success Stories

  • Dream Co-op to Full Time Job

    Vineel Kondiboyina
    MS, Bioengineering 2018

    “I’m using my undergrad experience and my graduate experience that I built upon for my professional experience.”