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Bioengineering Communication Lab

A New Resource for Graduate Students

The Comm Lab offers in-person, peer-to-peer coaching for graduate-level writing and communication tasks.

We bring a discipline-specific perspective to assisting you with the task at hand --whether you're working on a manuscript, poster, presentation, or other project!

BioE Comm Lab Fellows

Jessica Fitzgerald is a 5th year PhD candidate in Dr. Mark Niedre’s lab. She is interested in studying the effects of radiation on cancer metastasis by detecting circulating tumor cells in vivo. Jessica has presented her work at several conferences, and has also contributed to grant proposals, is co-editor for the Springer series Methods in Molecular Biology, and has published 3 first-author papers with a 4th on the way.

Andrew Doyle is a 2nd year PhD student in Bioengineering who believes communication skills are an invaluable, lifelong asset. He developed his appreciation for effective communication during his time as a professional, collaborating with scientists around the world to create technologies to serve global health. Andrew has contributed to four peer-refereed publications and numerous conference proceedings.