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Cell and Tissue Engineering

Cell and tissue engineering is a major strength at Northeastern University with several research labs focused on understanding and engineering living cells and tissues. These labs are elucidating the quantitative principles that govern cell fate decisions and are developing design strategies to promote the assembly and patterning of multicellular systems into viable, functional tissues. Cells are remarkable physicochemical systems that sense, respond, and actively reshape their rich microenvironment. Parsing the dialogue between the microenvironment and cells and elucidating design strategies to engineer the dynamic cellular milieu has far-reaching implications for biomedicine, including applications such as tissue engineering and the development of novel therapeutic strategies.

This pioneering, multidisciplinary research is enabled by strengths at Northeastern in key foundational areas, such as biomolecular engineering, computational modeling, developmental biology, imaging, materials science, micro- and nanofluidics, mechanobiology, molecular cell biology, and systems biology.

Associated Faculty & Staff