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  • M.S., Ph.D., Physics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • B.S., Physics, Iowa State University

Research & Scholarship Interests

Experimental Biological Physics, inelastic light scattering, ultrafast pump-probe laser spectroscopy

Selected Publications

  • A. Benabbas, Y. Sun, T.L. Poulos, and P.M. Champion, Ultrafast CO Kinetics in Heme Proteins:  Adiabatic Ligand Binding and Heavy Atom Tunneling, Journal of the American Chemical Society 139, 2017, 15738-15747.
  • B. Salna, A. Benabbas, D. Russo, and P.M. Champion, Tunneling Kinetics and Nonadiabatic Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer in Proteins: The Effect of Electric Fields and Anharmonic Donor-Acceptor Interactions, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 121, 2017, 6869-6881.
  • B. Salna, A. Benabbas, P. M. Champion, Proton-Coupled Electron Transfer and the Linear Approximation for Coupling to the Donor–Acceptor Distance Fluctuations, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 121, 2017, 2199-2207
  • Y. Sun, A. Benabbas, W. Zeng, S. Muralidharan, E.M. Boon, P.M. Champion, Kinetic Control of O2 Reactivity in H-NOX Domains, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 120, 2016, 5351-5358
  • B. Salna, A. Benabbas, J.T. Sage, J. van Thor, P.M. Champion, Wide-dynamic-range Kinetic Investigations of Deep Proton Tunnelling in Proteins, Nature Chemistry, 8, 2016, 874-880
  • A. Benabbas, B. Salna, J.T. Sage, P.M. Champion, Deep Proton Tunneling in the Electronically Adiabatic and Non-adiabatic Limits: Comparison of the Quantum and Classical Treatment of Donor-Acceptor Motion, Journal of Chemical Physics, 142, 2015, 114101
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March 22, 2016

23 COE faculty and affiliates were recipients of FY17 TIER 1 Interdisciplinary Research Seed Grants for 12 different projects representing over $600K dollars of investment in research.