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Heather Clark

271 The Fenway
360 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115


Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, University of Michigan, 1999
B.S. Chemistry, University of Michigan

Research & Scholarship Interests

Optical nanosensors for biological analysis
Affiliated With

Department Research Areas

College Research Initiatives

Honors & Awards

  • Young Faculty Award, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Selected Publications

  • Y. Luo, E. Kim, C.A. Flask, H.A. Clark, Nanosensors for Chemical Imaging of the Neurotransmitter Acetylcholine Using MRI, ACS Nano, 12(6), 2018, 5761–5773
  • E.H. Kim, G. Chin, G. Rong, K.E. Poskanzer, H.A. Clark, Optical probes for neurobiological sensing and imaging, Accounts of Chemical Research: Special Issue- The Interface of Biology with Nanoscience and Electronics, 51(5), 2018, 1023–1032
  • G. Rong, E.H. Kim, K.E. Poskanzer, H.A. Clark, A Method for Estimating Intracellular Ion Concentration Using Optical Nanosensors and Ratiometric Imaging, Nature Scientific Reports, 7, 2017, 10819

Related News

February 6, 2019

BioE/COS Professor Heather Clark was awarded a patent for "Compositions and methods for measurement of analytes". Abstract Source: USPTO Disclosed herein sensor matrices comprising...

October 30, 2018

BioE/COS Professor Heather Clark was awarded a $1.5M grant from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke for "Nanosensors for Chemical Imaging of Acetylcholine Using MRI".

October 12, 2018

BioE/COS Professor Heather Clark directs the new Chemical Imaging for Living Systems (CILS) Institute which will focus on finding ways to image the chemistry of our bodies.